A Canadian sailing icon, reborn through the eyes of renowned Canadian artists



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Welcome to the online home for the most breathtaking collection of Bluenose II restoration images you will find.

From the lens of Mark Doucette, inside the Lunenburg Shipyard Alliance building, we see work on hull planking of Bluenose II, 2011.

Bluenose II: Rebirth of the Legend – Click to purchase

The Bluenose II Restoration Images Gallery is located at 139 Montague Street in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. The gallery is located just a 10 minute walk from the shipyard where the Bluenose II was being restored to its full grace and majesty by the team of shipwrights and experts from the Lunenburg Shipyard Alliance.

The gallery primarily features the work of two artists – renowned photographer Mark Doucette and painting legend Peter Matyas.

Peter and Mark have spent the past several months capturing the essence of the restoration of Bluenose II, from the labour on the boat itself to the visages of each of the craftspeople involved in the restoration process.

In addition to the works proudly created, displayed and offered up for purchase by Peter and Mark, you will also find examples of Bluenose II woodworking by Jason Cullen of One Stop Wood Shop and exquisite prints of Bluenose II from her original sea trials, decades ago, by Maurice Crosby.


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